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The Paradox of Time

Time is both an illusion and a reality.

It is both subjective, as it is absolute.

It is both a dynamic continuum and a synchronous symposium.

It is both a state of mind and a fourth dimension.

Time is processed by biology and ruled by physics.

Time is a paradox…


“That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.”–Ecclesiastes 3:15


My favorite: honey.

Honey contains humectants which lock moisture into your skin. It is anti bacterial. It contains many vitamins and minerals, is pure…my suggestion is to wash your face with it every day and follow with Shea butter (a great healer).

During cold season, drink (each day) a glass of water containing a half tablespoon of lemon and a drop or two of honey. I tried it and I did not get a cold until after I stopped drinking it.


For mild burns I suggest (from experience) rubbing with ice and then salt. Leave the salt on for two minutes and wipe off.


Try melalueca oil for cuts and first aid.


Make it a goal every day to eat at least one piece of raw fruit, two cups of raw veggies, and drink at least 4+ cups water…get at least 6 hours of sleep at night. Spend at least 10 minutes in vigorous exercise every day…and, don’t forget to just take some time to relax and meditate whenever you can.


Girls: find your color. If you have dark hair, red is a good color. If you are a blonde, green is a good color for you. Kudos to blue for redheads. If you are a brunette, I suggest purple. Pink is an all around great color for most ladies, especially the very light or dark.


Remember, you do not necessarily become beautiful, you just reveal your natural beauty.


Neural-Energetic Feedback Model

postulates that consciousness is a force field interacting with a brain/heart biophysiological interface.

Basically, Thoughts can change brain structure, yet brain structure can be a cause for some thoughts.

It’s a paradox that scientists have been trying to solve. By incorporating quantum physics into neuroscience, we have an insight, a glimpse into how consciousness may work.

Pretty interesting. This is based on a lot of psi research, and may be used to explain phenomena such as telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), telepathy (talking to another with the mind or reading thoughts), clairvoyance, and other strange stuff.

I you guys are interested, I suggest you read:

The ESP Enigma–Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

If you can find these songs… 😀


While I’m Waiting–John Waller

I Will Praise You–Rebecca St. James

Be Thou My Vision–Eden’s Bridge

Afterhours Trance–?


Jab Tu Milta Hai–Sunidhi Chauhan

Signet Plastic Angels–?

O Praise Him–David Crowder Band

Good Life–One Republic

Dynamite–Taio Cruz


Come Close–Tedashii


Far Beyond–Eric and Leslie Ludy


Teri Deewahni–Kailash Ker

Yeha Noha–?