Prion Indigo

Just a young lady hoping to inspire you, glorify the Creator, and connect to the Universe.

Planning to go into biology (major in neuroscience and minor in botany).

Likes: cinnamon buns, hip hop dance, neuroscience, books, medical research, technology, new age music, electronica, hymns, rap, chemistry, physics, astronomy, microbiology, cooking, poetry, parties, twilight, supernatural mysteries/thrillers, meditation, crystals, cognition and consciousness, interior design, hang gliding, canoeing, white water rafting, hiking, journalistic/nature/science photography, kids, martial arts, tai chi, cats, animals, singing…………and…….extreme ironing!

RRSN (Random Ramblings for Science Nerds) is a bunch of slightly technical jargon and science facts. If you are not interesting in science, ignore…if so–read on! Read on and post your comments, ideas, observations, and hypotheses!