The royal hue of the late evening dusk glows like a stationary lapis nectar. Stars faintly sparkle like tiny diamonds bathed in cosmic cerulean skies. Once in a while a cloud is just visible enough to be mistaken for a galactic arm. Street lamps shed their ethereal copper lights from incandescent bulb. It is magical, deeply so.

During the winter, falling snow sparkles like miniature fairy gems. During the spring and summer, warm breezes rush about the ground like swirling energies.

The effect of twilight is to put one into a mindset where anything is possible. The nuances of intuition circle about the mind in a vivid way, whispering the sacred oneness with all the Universe…the Great Macrocosm, right down to molecular configurations to sine waves, energetic oscillations and the archetypes of the unconscious.

Every star, every orbous ball of ionic gas is merely a celestial cell in a galactic organism. Then to, each galaxy is merely a cell in a living universe. All is one, reflected by many, nuanced and interpolated by contemplations of great depth.

Here, enveloped in the incoporeal twilight, one can juxtapose and extrapolate, or merely relish in the wonder of existence. This is a special place to reflect on the holographic unity of the Cosmos and the Great Genius who designed it…