The Pineal Gland (PG) is located at the back of the inner brain. It produces the potent psychedelic N,N-Dimet hyltryptamine (DMT). It also produces beta-carbolines to protect DMT from enzymes. The PG is enveloped in cerobrospinal fluid and receives a generous supply. Aaron Lerner found that the PG uses and amino acid called “tryptophan” to produce the neurotransmitter melatonin. It uses argenine vasotocin (AVT) to produce “slow-wave sleep” by its secretions. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves may also affect PG function.

DMT is also found in plants, and has been used in Shamanic rituals to produce mystical visions and spiritual experiences. Especially those of beings speaking to shamans and teaching them how to use the plants.


One question we might pursue is: is this a form of biochemical communication between plants and humans?

Why does the brain protect a chemical that induces spiritual experiences?