Of fairest form
Of fairest giver
Diamond dew drops
Travelling down the river
Spinning spindle sung
Webs of clover thought
Like woven tapestries hung
Silky spider fabrics
Floating through an ecstatic air
Onward, onward, on always to the new…

Of lovers a euphoric pair
Hand in hand
Our hearts are inextricably knit
Our perceptions of reality entwined sit
In a galactic color chest
Send over the neural key
Made of diamond

Peel ego scales off your illumined eye and see
Bolts of plasma
a charged atmosphere
The voice of war we are hearing

Life’s but a vapor formed
Though galaxy to dendrite
Holds ever yet a tome of mystery untold

Though heaven raise me to the height
Little knowledge should I hope to gain
If for all my toil
I might unravel
A deoxyribonucleic helix coil
I may never fully hope to comprehend
What genius time-space warping did bend

The cosmic treasure tome
Is but a Divine axiom
Galactic spirals and star-dust conglomerations
An enigmatic universal poem
Sings sweetly the Giver glory bring
A neutron star’s dying breath
An alpha particle’s exhale
Or radium’s entropic death

If thou knowest
Canst thou declare
Secret of silver heart’s
Gilded stair

Evincing a vivacious truth
The excited trilling of an indigo
The sciences may hold the heart of a sagacious sleuth
Infused with ruby life
Inspired by Chrysoprase cerulean blues

The deepest pain, mutilation by a jagged knife
Healed by refreshing zephyrs

How measured the pulsar’s pulsing beat
Throbbing, throbbing, probing as it speaks

Thermoelectric conductivity meets
The searching mind’s frontal cerebral lobes
Undulating, convulsing
Verdant serpent hills
Synaptic relaying
Psychological replaying
The mind’s diamond key

Esoteric secrets compare not as
Exoteric knowledge is as an ephemeral vapor flees

In the ever singing, ever swinging
Pendulum of time
The chimes of fury
Hell’s best bent
Heaven’s celestial love song has to us lent
The joyous melodies of
Stellar radio frequency emissions
All of the universe
My puny intellect commissions


To all of the vastness of starlight and time
I proffer a celebratory rhyme

The joy is never fully knowing
But, ah! the frustrations of analytical ignorance
The psycho-cognitive secrets
Of the extrastriate cortex
Never forgetting
The mesoscopic vortex

Polycrystalline atomic solids
Extending three-space
Like the intricacies of
Some ionic lace

Beauteous blossoms borne
Upon the nodding-head of fair May

The right cardiac atrium
With a jagged knife
Deftly torn
Bleeding, throbbing, draining force
Bioelectic pulse
That does through my neural axons course


Extracting, infusing, inspired, inhaled
The Death’s head impaled
The holy grail of science
Higg’s Boson, component of the omnipresent field
Acoustic strings
To the undying quests of physics yield

Electrochemical impulses
Magnetic rippling pools
Thermoelectric cooling cools
Induction waves and arachnid lace
How possibly complex the evanescent gases
Yet eternal time never passes

Serpentine polymers
Elegant phosphodiester bonds
Shimmering, the gleaming ponds
Of genetic information
Genomic super-coiling
DNA quadruplex resulting from
Repeating telomere patterns

Without crystal wisdom
Our vain human efforts are made merely mundane
Only love and unity linking
A universal super-chain

And shield me as I sling an eye
Though kiss not
Fair beau
teous Aphrodite’s
Gilded solar coin

Knowing not as wisdom high
Though heightened bring

Celebrate a Scientist-King!